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Cisco Catalyst X series debut at Cisco Partner Summit this year. Cisco announced that the Cisco X series is the greenest catalyst access switch, as well as the next generation of the world’s most widely deployed access switches.

These switches also provide Layer 3 routing capability, application-aware intelligence, and double the scale. They are the greenest Cisco Catalyst access switches ever. These switches are built to reduce total cost of ownership.

Compared with Cisco S series, what’s the New features of Cisco Catalyst X Series Switches? Like the S Series, Catalyst X Series is line-rate no blocking switches with the following added features:

●Dual-core CPU at MHz

●Cisco FlexStack-Plus stacking

       80 Gbps bandwidth

        8-member stack

●Dual-FRU power supply with integrated fan (XR only)

●NetFlow-Lite on all downlink and uplink ports

●Switch Hibernation mode integrated with Cisco Energ yWise

●Energy-Efficient Ethernet (EEE) downlink ports

●Signed Cisco IOS Software images

●Layer 3 features with IP Lite feature set (XR only)

●24 port fan less model with 2 SFP and //BT uplinks

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