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The ERA-ENVHEALTH consortium analysed the E&H research landscape, defined common priority areas and proposed joint activities and transnational calls for research projects to further collaboration between the environmental and public health research communities. The initiative brought together major players from ten countries with the objectives of achieving critical and contributing to a more efficient use of resources and facilitating access to experts. Common approaches were used to promote better coordination for research implementation and better use of results to support policy development between Member States, encourage innovative thinking and provide a platform for sharing ideas. Project partners developed a common framework for assessing research programmes, thereby providing a clearer view of E&H research activities within Europe. Key strategic issues were identified and 'horizon scanning' carried out to identify emerging issues and areas that could benefit from transnational research. This involved the examination of online sources such as newspapers, journals, and science, health and environment news sites for articles related to E&H. A visual representation of the range of projects funded by national E&H programmes contained in the research database was developed to help identify clusters of similar or related activities. Joint funding potential was maximised for common strategic issues across Europe by the development of a multi-criteria analysis (MCA) tool. The analysis helped in the selection of E&H topics and improved transparency in the selection process. The main topics identified included indoor air quality, nanomaterials, toxicity of mixtures and low doses, and climate change. Two calls for transnational research projects were launched. ERA-ENVHEALTH partners highlighted the value of enhancing European collaboration and the benefits and opportunities arising from the development of transnational cooperation and activities. The initiative has contributed to increasing the visibility of European research in the field of E&H, maximising research funding and helping ensure the development of coherent policies that extend beyond national borders.

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